Valentines day suckage

Valentines day was Thursday i know i also know me saying Valentines day sucks because im single is obvious but HEY ITS NOT THE ONLY REASON… Just 99.99% lol i hate it! I used to make fun of it then just disliked it then i liked it when eating candy with friends! Now i just hate it!
my first date with an ex was on Valentines last year so thats part of it but also fucking see others happy in a relationship makes me pissed! Why are you happy? Why am i not? Why am i single and your not? Im better! Or in my head i say that.. I just wanted candy even flowers omg a card would of done something with my smile! Nope to it all.. Well its over untill next year…
Remember though Valentines day is the one day you can eat chocolate all you want with out looking pathetic because it looks like someone loved you and gave you it! 🙂 they don’t know you bought it yourself if your like me lol..
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illegal condiment

someone told me to talk about how mayo shouldnt be put on burgers.. which i agree with! gross.. i dont like burgers that much but when i eat them i dont put mayo on it!! so thinking of that crap made me think of condiments that SHOULDNT be used with some foods!!

Starters Blue cheese dressing… shouldnt even be put on anything that shits GROSS!!! mustard with fries well i shouldnt even have to say anything but ive seen people do it and i seriously think its strange.. Ketchup ive never liked that much but occasionally ill use it but the people who put it on chicken sandwiches OH MY GOSH!! like STOPP!! i love chicken anything ketchup just ruins it OBVIOUSLY! these are like ones that arent as bad as other things i see.. like you cant get that taste out of your mouth even if you just saw it, its like you taste it! YUCK! hot sauce is good but dont put it on everything like thats just over doin it sir! like if im eating food and you already out hot sauce on everything i jsut think of ways to hit you in the face!! condiments are a choice on food so dont go ahead and out it on there!! rude… RANCH! RANCH PEOPLE! oh you bother me so much! ranch on some things okay i put it just on salad and maybe carrots but you put it on EVERYTHING!!! like do you bath in it?! it wouldnt suprise me with some of you!THE WORST THING I SEE… ranch on pizza YOU ASS HOLE! i love pizza always have and when i see you put ranch on it i literally grind my teeth and you should be put in prison for life!! you ruined a perfectly good food with you nasty ranch!! 😥 i jsut feel like crying! its emotional… haha but seriously stop! stop with all the condiment using! i love condiments but i love most of them i dont just use 1 or 2 on everything.. id get sick of them… EXCEPT HONEY MUSTARD! that shit can be with most things! i love honey mustard!!

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Tuesday i didnt blog i forgot it was tuesday so im saying it went sunday monday Wednesday friday then saturday.. im going to Vlog on tuesdays anyways so its cool….

I cant think of anything to blog about! SOOO WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT?!?! T.V. shows!!  Buck wild so funny yet fucking trashy!! like its funny to see how disgusting they can be ON CAMERA!! haha so stupid…. not as bad as any other reality show! they are funny a little bit in their own way i guess but they are SO ACTED OUT! just get real people who can act and say its reality!! it would be more believable! TEEN MOM!! ugh its not the acting shit out that bugs me its their stupidity! they watch them selfs after they film you know they do and they dont see how fuckin stupid they are!!! i feel bad for most of them specially the kids when they grow up...keeping up with the kardashians… dont even need to say anything the name says enough… Like are generation some reason loves reality shows with fake ass violence… like jerry springer shit except not as good!

This blog is sorta lame and short… sorry ive been sick and i couldnt think of anything but ive been watching reality shows which i hate! yet love… if you have any good ones i should watch or even some horrible ones ill watch them either way lol…

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RUDE flirting

guys and girls have a flirting button. we all flirt! trying or not trying it comes out at some point.. all are flirting ways are different very charming, or awkward… i have awkward sometimes, ive been told.  sometimes are flirting isnt connecting with the person your flirting with though.. It can be super charming and all that but sometimes the person just isnt into it or just you. some people find it charming to be awkward (i love you people who like us awkward flirters)

now there are lots of different flirting ways but the one that stands out to me NOT IN A GOOD WAY is rude flirting.. They are completely rude and then they come out to say i like you or something.. SHOCK!! i mean you just called me horrible things and you liked me? now it is a smart thing because they put you down then make your self esteem low then of course you say yes… unless you me and you just say HELL NO ASS HOLE! then never talk to them!! anyways for example i have guys say “your cute” and they resend it like a million times!! i dont respond all the time because what the fuck do i say to it?! if i say thank you im a cocky snob. i know im cute but there is no conversation there!! say at least whats up at the end..  sometimes for not responding they love to put me down call me stuck up anyways and how stupid i am without knowing me how ugly i am.. but im cute?? then after all that putting me down they ask me out?! i dont know about other people but NO! i dont like rude people special date someone who will throw a baby fit and be mean to me all because i didnt do something they wanted.. if someone else is into that crap fine i hope everything goes well but i dont deal with that..

best way to flirt is to say there name more than saying baby or hun. another way is to look at them in the eyes. compliment them!

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looks dont matter, what on the in side does!!

We have all heard its not how you look on the outside its how you look inside… BULL! for the most part but i learned over time it is true!

NOT HOW WE THOUGHT! over time once i came out i had guys hit on me cute one hot ones and the ugly ones… I end up losing there interest over time or short time… a will say 20% maybe over my looks of why they stop talking to me. ONLY because i dont fix my self up 100% everyday! even if your just laying around!! when im at home i dress in pjs or if someones cute around and ive been talking to them for like a week im already over being uncomfortable in clothes so ill wear nice but comfy things! i look decent but im not ready to go to a club WHICH to a lot of guys IS A TURN OFF.. WHY?! because they feel like you should try your best to look good for them, even if you dont even look that great its the point you worked your ass off to look that way.. WEIRD but true! 10% of guys ive talked to and the reason they stopped is because i was insecure and repeatedly asking the same insecure questions so eventually they get sick of you being so insecure!! everyone has a insecurity issues so if your bugging someone too much about yours its going to make you just not look at cute as you really are and its going to just ruin any relationship.. 20% the other reason i get guys to run away from me is that i do harsh jokes and a lot of them are the same like picking on each other a little. we have done it since first grade its flirting in a strange way but im known to not being sexy, for me its awkward so i make jokes or play around… it makes guys just leave… i dont have a explanation for that  but im guessing its something obvious… OOOPPSS.

Then there is the last 39% of the idiot guys (these guys are idiots) run off! they probably run off the fastest and never tell you why or even let you kow they ran off you just eventually find out that they dont want you.. These guys ran because im into a hookup! i make it clear right away “hi im bret i dont do hookups” thats probably how i sound! im just being honest and i have had  A LOT of  guys just expect it so i of course make it clear so that i dont end up liking them and then realize i would just be a hookup! im not that kind of guy i never will be!

I WONT LIE  looks do matter. thats how you are attracted to people other than just personality and NO ONE looks at someone and think “they arent cute but i bet they have a great personality” so yes you should fix yourself up some when going out but you dont need to put on a fake face or body then your not you… they eventually will find out the real you so no point of lieing haha. fix your hair wear clothes you like and Not everyone has to do this but i use spray tan because i like how I look with it but im not over doing it!! girls or guys dont over do your makeup either. dont hide your beauty with another beauty which isnt you. now besides looks personality makes a person im not going to talk to a guy more than a week if he is hot yet boring and DOESNT LIKE ANIMALS! NOOO! if your looks arent my type but i get to know you and your personality is something i like then ill give you a shot! personality can make people magically look like the cutest people you ever saw!

Now the people who bash on you or just dont like you, it could be your looks FOR THEM! “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” we all have different taste so your ugly might be my sexy lol its true!! so dont take it hard when someone doesnt like how you look yo u can do BETTER! If they were into you but then stopped its because WHATS ON YOUR INSIDE! it could be your just not a match of what they were looking for or could be you werent a hookup and they dont like that.. out of that 99% that are people you dont match with that 1% is out there and you will find them!! we grow into who we are personality changes things we like change so your growing they are growing so when your both grown into who you should be you will be together.


BlogTerview with Ben Mallare

61382_4257095625457_1768739861_n  Ben Mallare is a singer that also writes songs! amazing voice and though i have not met him personally he seems like a great nice down to earth guy who obviously let me Blogterview him(interview him for my blog). I can bet we will see great things about him soon!
1.when did you first want to become a singer?
When I was 11 years old my brother introduced me to the music of Michael Jackson. I spent years learning to sing and dance like him.2.did someone specific get you interested in singing?
When I was in elementary school my music teacher took an interest in me and had me sing a bunch of solos. She convinced me to try out for musical theater from there and that’s where I developed my love for performance.3.what genre of music do you like to sing?
Pop! And a little rock. A little R& you have a favorite song you like to sing?
Man in the Mirror by Michael you play any instruments?
Yep – piano and you write any music?
I do, a lot. I write about personal experiences that have really affected me – heartbreak mostly.

7.what has been your best performance so far?
I performed “I Know You Won’t” by Carrie Underwood and “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson at an old church on Northeastern’s campus last December. The acoustics were amazing and the energy was all there.

8.who is your favorite singer?
Living? Kelly Clarkson. 3 favorte songs?
“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
“Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap
“Why” by Annie Lennox there any celebrity you cant stand?
Nicki Minaj. Sorry.

11.what celebrity do you look up to?
Ke$ha. She does what she wants and she just don’t care.

12.have you ever forgotten words while performing?
All the time…the most embarrassing when it’s my own song.

13.who is your celebrity crush?

14.and what is the best advice you have ever been givin in life?
You can take the easy route if you want, but you will never ever forgive yourself if you don’t try to walk down the difficult one.


PiTcH pErFeCt

pitch perfect, you know the movie? well i know everyone has its like the best movie!! Ive watched in more than 70 times now.  i cant help it!! its like all i want to see, its like a movie and music! i do skip through the bring parts…. except the only boring part is like NEVER!  anyways back to the movie instead of me being a nerd… Pitch perfect is funny! Anna Kendrick is like my new love i love her acting her voice is wonderful and she is very pretty!  Rebel Wilson HAHA so funny like pee your pants funny and she shows over all you can be beautiful while being funny! Brittany Snow i love her always have but i love her in this as a red head. Anna camp haha stuck up control perfect girl who ends up having a vomiting issue (being over stressed) is HILARIOUS because shes so perfect and tries so hard but has a big issue… Skylar astin HOTTY! perfect voice amazing face (oh baby baby).. Ben platt now who doesnt like the nerdy guy? he is nerdy into magic plus sing, something you dont actually see but adorable.. Rest of the cast was awesome it took all of them to make that movie KICK ASS! love it! love it love it love it love it!!!!

I will say they should make a second one! like right after have same cast!! of course some new people (freshmen) make it were it still focuses on the girls a little bit more on the guys but end up having the guys end up winning this time or have a new group show up and the trouble tones and bellas join into one! i dont know just 2 ideas BUT SAME FREAKIN CAST!! or i wont watch that shit… If you some what agree with one of my ideas TELL ME! we can so make that happen i will do anything in my power to write a dang script and make them do that movie haha SERIOUSLY

P.S. anna kendrick will you marry me? sarah m gellar (wife) doesnt have to know… and my misress dianna agron wont care… for a gay guy i have a lot of girl crushes!!! DOES THAT MAKE ME A LESBIAN?!           I POST EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAYS! LIKE my facebook    Follow me on twitter @Bre1T!! ALSO HAVE TUMBLER BRE1TALK! thank you

skinny to fat

I know how hard it is to be over weight well i dont because ive ever be bigger than a tooth pick WHICH I LIKE MY SKINNY BUTT! Bigger people think everyone looks down on bigger people i mean a few people probably too and im sorry for those idiots. some people just want you to be healthy though and live a longer life because sometimes being bigger is a health issue… skinny people have health issues too.                                      skinny people also have people look down on them. i sometimes wish i was bigger, bigger build body and had muscle. then i realize i like my self and over time i will likely gain more weight without trying… the thing is, is that i see more bigger people put skinny people down. like this is beauty and this bony bitch is gross… HOW RUDE!  all because you got a bad shot and i looked really skinny im not gross! like i could easily get a bad photo of a bigger person.


Skinny fat average i don’t care your a person and shouldn’t be looked down on or put down..  society isn’t wanting you all to be skinny and isn’t saying bad if your fat if anything other way around now! i see more hate to skinny people and yes skinny people can have their feelings hurt too! WE ARE PEOPLE!  Tell me this why is it okay to say “your so skinny you need some meat on your bones” but NOT okay to say “your so fat you need less meat on your bones”?!? its the same thing, isn’t  it?  i have people make comments all the time of course im like thank you i love my body i mean i want to be more fit but then again why would i change perfection (joke) we wont ever people a hundred percent happy with our self’s.  so people who say the world all wants us to be skinny is stupid because we have plus size models and some how super models are bitches for being skinny! ITS WEIGHT! if your happy with your body then why put someone else down and say “because society” BULL! no your putting people down to make you feel better and that isn’t right. so please think of how the world really is and specially just think if you like your self no elses thoughts of you matter! at all! so your thoughts of someone else don’t matter either!

i think everyones pretty in their own way just have the confidence to show how beautiful your are. Follow me on twitter @bre1t and like my facebook page Bre1Talk also PLEASE STALK MY BLOG 🙂

Gay marriage

Now this topic is annoying for everyone. Obviously not annoying enough or it be legal to love & marry who ever the hell you want! Besides the point of closed minded people because no need to talk about the obvious. Why is it anyones business who someone is with? You cant control everything and your more than controlling you need to get your big nose out of everybodys life! i dont care who you are at all religion, color or anything you should get to do what everyone else gets to do specially love who you love because you cant control that shit. so why shouldnt everyone get that right?…. Exactly no answer. Dont use religion either because that will be a whole other topic for another time..
there has always been gay people just obviously didnt show it because its “wrong” so Not to put people in groups but at one put the world was against you on something (working, using a restroom, having any freedom) and at least one gay person helped you get your rights. There just had to be like 50% men 50% women well 50% of them are gay!  So you tell me how its okay for you to love who love and some people cant?!

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Postings to much on SOCIAL NETWORKS

I post like every normal person… if i didn’t have anyway to post… SO YES I POST A LOT! I don’t think anything is wrong with that.  Its just a posting on a social network obviously i don’t have a life and if you get annoyed by me posting too much then obviously YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE EITHER! The only difference between me and the nagging ass holes is that i post all day and they creep on everyone’s posts… you can only do one or the other and i know your not messaging on there every time you get on OR you wouldn’t be bitching i post wayyy to much! Like you can only do so much with Facebook or MySpace (but who gets on that anymore) and fuckin twitter is made to fuckin post! POST POST POST POST! like twitter is literally made for posting and creeping like it isn’t made to keep in touch, yes you can message but only if you follow a person and they follow you back! So when people say i post to much on Facebook im like okay sorry but if it bothers you UNFRIEND ME like it would be stupid and impossible of me to just stop posting. Twitter when you tell me to much… i don’t need to even reply to that crap. now i have a tumbler but i don’t know how to use it im stupid so you should be happy because that’s a place people can post on without me POSTING TOO MUCH! I cant help but be annoyed by that like here is your options on social networks, Example FACEBOOK liking shit, commenting on shit, messaging shit, sharing shit, poking shit, POSTING shit, creeping on shit and the occasional playing games shit….(saying shit so much made it funny for me)… most of that shit is posting in a way so pretty much i can only message and creep… NO THANK YOU!! you know how you find thoughs funny post that you share, your welcome because it takes people like me who post all day to find that and then you share it! so your welcome again!  I realize me posting this even on a blog im going to be told the same things “you post to much, you cant spell, your stupid, your ugly, no one loves you” and im saying “i know, ugh duh i think ive made that statement, if amazing is stupid then yes i am, whats that have to do with posting?, YES i love love myself”. People posting too much (like me) tell them to “PIPE THE FUCK DOWN”- Jenna marbles. it just means your not creeping as much..

SIDE NOT. sorry i am always on one topic but i get sorta random on it. keep in mind don’t hate the posters or creepers that’s whats makes it a great place socialize on because obviously in person is so old school.